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Keeping the primary motto “Excellence through Advancements in mind, we have unleashed a technological wave, to bring in the latest and the best technology and infrastructure that is comparable with that of international standards in all the fields. Today we have the best of minds and machines, inner strength and infra structure, services and standards. We are always striving for excellence in our sphere of activities, touching lives and leading the way. We have award winning faculties and efficient support staff who work as a team, share like a family and care for everyone.


Well trained duty doctors, nurses and other medic and paramedic staff are present round the clock.

Healthcare is something that can’t be compromised, can it? Hospitals have a huge role to play in developing the healthcare system of any country because, with a growing population, the healthcare demands too are growing and evolving. Providing the highest standard of care for both, minor and major health issues, hospitals create a safe space for the patients by offering end-to-end clinical, surgical, and diagnostic services.

Hospitals have been making healthcare accessible to one and all and Keshav Hospital in Manewada Road, Nagpur is one such reliable hospital that is committed to providing expert medical care. Having established a firm presence as a trusted name in Hospitals, it is renowned for offering specialised services and treatments

Motto:- Total Patient satisfaction.

Mission:- To deliver high quality service, show concern for patient’s emotional, spiritual needs& their physical condition.

Vision:- To provide & to be recognized for the assured & best Healthcare services.


• Patient-Centered: We treat our patients & their families with compassion, respect & care to rejuvenate the faith in every instance they are with us.

• Innovation in patient care: Continuous Innovation & Improvement in Quality, Service with cost effective alternatives.

• Teamwork: Collaborative & multidisciplinary approach for the best treatment option for patient.

• MEDICINE: Keshav hospital is equipped with all the amenities for diverse treatment procedures. The patients can be assured of reliable and complete care through highly qualified staff. The following are the extensive range of specialties departments in our hospital.

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Keshav Hospital in Nagpur has a supportive and friendly staff, and the latest medical know-how to help patients. The clinic abides by all the necessary safety protocols, including Covid-19 precautionary measures. The doctor and team offer world-class care and guidance, always putting their patients first.

Keshav Hospital, 117, Ring Road, Manewada Road, Nagpur - 440024



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